Career & Technical Education (CTE)  Pathways

What is a Pathway?   In summary, it is a mini-major for high school students to learn about careeer opportunities.

Flip through our Career and Technical Education Pathway book... find a path, explore and complete a pathway for: 
  • Scholarships (CTE Scholarships offer full tuition for 1 year!) (1.5 credits required.)  
  • Earn a certificate in a concentrated area
  • Wear a graduation cord (3.0 credits required)

What is a Pathway?

  • A Pathway is a sequence of courses within your area of interest.

  • A Pathway will connect your career interests from high school to college and/or career.

  • A Pathway is your educational road map guiding you to the high school courses and post-secondary options most relevant to your chosen career destination.

  • A Pathway will help you acquire the depth of knowledge and skill linked with specific post-secondary programs that will lead to a certificate or degree and/or career.

  • You choose, you decide what Pathway is right for you.

CTE Scholarship

You may access the scholarship application at We have a total of 127 scholarships to award to students who are a graduating senior or will be eligible to graduate before September 1, 2020!  

Deadline: JANUARY 31, 2020

The award amount varies by institution. Below is the list of participating institutions, the number of scholarships/awards offered, and the amount of the scholarship/award. 

For details about the application process click here.



Bridgerland Technical College
2 Scholarships/Awards
Waives tuition up to $1,000. Books, tools, and other fees not included.

Davis Technical College
10 Scholarships/Awards
Up to $1,500 toward tuition and student fees.

Dixie Technical College
2 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition for one (1) year.

Mountainland Technical College
18 Scholarships/Awards
Tuition only.

Ogden-Weber Technical College
8 Scholarships/Awards
One (1) year tuition or $1,800, whichever is exhausted first.

Southwest Technical College
3 Scholarships/Awards
Tuition waiver up to $1,000.

Tooele Technical College
6 Scholarships/Awards
$500 towards tuition and student fees.

Uintah Basin Technical College
7 Scholarships/Awards
Full-tuition scholarship for one calendar year.

Dixie State University
4 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition for one (1) year.


Salt Lake Community College

20 Scholarships/Awards

Full tuition for one (1) year.

Snow College, Richfield
2 Scholarships/Awards
$1000 tuition waiver.


Southern Utah University
1 Scholarship/Award
Full tuition for one (1) year.

Utah State University, Blanding
2 Scholarships/Awards
$1,000 tuition ($500 for two semesters).

Utah State University, Eastern
13 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition. Books, tools, and other fees not included.

Utah State University, Moab
1 Scholarship/Award
$2,000 tuition ($1,000 one semester with renewal for next semester).

Utah Valley University
20 Scholarships/Awards
$1,000 per semester (2 semesters).


Weber State University
8 Scholarships/Awards
$2,000 ($1,000 for fall, $1,000 for spring).

Points for CTE Pathways Scholarship

  • Pathway completer or concentrator:                 5 points


  • Skill/Industry certification                                    1 point per certification/.5 semester class



  • Work-based learning experience                        Up to 8 points

    • See Melissa and Laurie in the career

    • center for these opportunities


  • Career and Technical Student

Organization (CTSO) Leadership:                               Up to 8 points


  • Other Leadership:                                                  Up to 8 points


  • Educational goal:                                                   Up to 4 points  (How the pathway you earned will

help you complete your educational goals)


  • Overall experience:                                               Up to 4 points.  (Essay  - what have you learned & gained from the overall                                                                                                    experience of taking classes in a CTE                                                                                                    Pathway.)